Friday, October 8, 2010

Working for the Weekend

For the next four weekends I will be doing some work on the site in relation to Verizon Wireless. It's a little bit of a bummer, but at least I'm being paid for it. Kinda screws up the off time, but it's worth it for the bucks.

To make up for the shortness of the update, here's a neat picture from my collection. See ya tomorrow!

Aww, she's so cute.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

99 Luftballons (2009)

This is one of my most favoritest songs ever. It's the most beautiful song about nuclear war you'll ever hear. Plus Nena just has this....look about her. It's awesome. And this cover is one of the best covers I've ever heard (plus it's done by Nena, so yay for that).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Short L4D-centric update

Gah, been running around like crazy this afternoon. Busier than normal! Nothing really new, but I will share this awesome photo:

I've always liked the shocked look on the Witch's face. Speaking of Left 4 Dead, the new DLC is out today! And over on Steam, Valve is running an insane deal: Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 for less than $11! It's insane! But yay for Valve, our saviors.

Question: What do you all think about fetishes? Let me know and maybe I'll show you one of mine...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Drive By Update™

Today's update is gonna be a Drive By Update™, a collection of little stuff.

I've go two EVGA 8800 GTX video cards with Accelero Xtreme coolers on them, 3 fans per card. Of the 6 fans, 3-4 of them are dying. Replacements are hard to find and I have no idea how to repair/replace the fans. Arg. >:(

I wish Adult Swim would cancel those horrible live action shows they air. None of them are any good, they're not funny. They're just not.

I love the Venture Bros. more and more with every episode. I really hope they'll announce the 5th season soon.

The appeal of keeping a hidden blog is still really appealing to me. Just stick with me, things will get more interesting.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to the Grind

I've been off work for the last two weeks and today was my first day back. Man, it's amazing how much you don't want to go back once you're off for a bit of time.

While my time is going to be more limited, I will not let my beloved blog (and my equally beloved readers) go without content. But I'm kinda torn as to what type of content I should put up here. My original intent was stuff that I wanted to share but not necessarily associated with my usual username. I'm fine with doing that, but I don't really know what you all would want to see.

So, tell me what type of content you want and I'll do my best to produce such. Stories, random thoughts, goofy pictures, what? What can I put on here to make you come back and visit? Post your suggestion in the comments and I'll do what I can!

PS: Dead Rising 2 is just as fun 14+ in. Playing the story co-op just added a huge level of enjoyment and fun to the game. Once I'm done with this I'm going to try to squeeze in Transformers: War for Cybertron before Fallout: New Vegas hits later this month.