Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's Sunday, it's Halloween, and I'm pilled up and feeling okay! That Verizon Wireless side-thing yesterday was long..but at least it's not stressful. One more Verizon weekend and then I get my full off-time back and I'll be a little bit richer. Yay for Verizon helping to pay for my new gaming PC next year (gotta have one ready for Duke Nukem Forever).  For this glorious Halloween Sunday (which you know Jesus doesn't like), I have some more OC for you. It's another Ghostbusters comic I did a while back.

It made me laugh, anyway. Or chortle, as it were. I dunno. Tomorrow's back to the work week, still driving the rental Dodge Charger (note: Enterprise Car Rental is a pain in the ass to deal with), dealing with the insurance people. This sucks, I must say. Damn that cotton truck for nearly running me over. Anyways, hope everyone has a good Halloween!

PS: This week's Star Trek Online weekly mission was particularly good. A good ghost story, even featuring STO's one type of Proton Pack. It was awesome.