Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Surprise

Another day down. Back to doing my side job with Verizon Wireless after a car accident induced delay. One more weekend of this and then the payoff, which is awesome. And hopefully an insurance payout in the next little bit, which will be even more awesome.

McDonald's just a new store not too far from my house, which marks the first time there's anything within 10 minutes drive. It is McDonald's, this is true, but it's better than Jack's. And this means that I can catch the occasional breakfast biscuit on my way to work, which is superb.

I'm really tired..I was up late last night (later than I should have been) re-reading the 4th volume of The Walking Dead. The AMC series is to air tomorrow, and if it's anything as close to as awesome as the comic's gonna be some great zombie TV series viewing. And there's the hour-long Venture Bros. finale as well! Damn, gonna be some good viewing for a change!'s almost time for the election! I'm waiting on the October Surprise...when's it gonna hit? What's it gonna be? The suspense is killing me!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stumbling Back

The recovery from the car wreck continues. The soreness is mostly gone, just some isolated pains here and there. I've been taking Loretabs and working, so I've spent a lot of time out of it..that's why I've been away for the last little bit. I'm almost back to normal, or what I'd consider normal anyways. It's just been (and continues to be) a hassle to deal with the insurance people, the attorneys, the liability people, the Koopas, the Troopas, the princess and the others, but eventually it'll be done and over with.

For a rental I was given a Dodge Charger (my last car was a Hyundai Elantra), so it's a big change. The Charger is nice, but it's way too much for me (and I could never afford it, anyway). Also, almost dying by getting ran over by a cotton truck has opened my eyes a bit (read: scared the ever loving shit out of me), and I'm going to be making some associated life-choice decisions in the near future.

Sorry I've been away, but I've just been drooling 'cause of these damn pain pills. At least now the pain is largely gone, I don't have to take them as often as I had been. Which means I can get back to updating things in a somewhat timely fashion. I'll post some more OC next.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More car crash recovery

Still recovering from my car crash! Still really sore, still hurting in various places. Dealing with the medical insurance people (Blue Cross Blue Shield) for the ER trip and stuff, dealing with the auto insurance company (Geico) for the claim and the vehicle rental and stuff. Had to delay my side-job with Verizon Wireless until next's just all such a huge hassle. Things will be taken care of until then, but still. It just sucks, all these insurance companies suck. At least it's all being taken care of now, and that's all that matters.

Papa John's and KFC helps to feed the soul when you're laid up hurting and have no ride. Man, I do miss my car. But I'm glad I wasn't killed in the crash (which could have happened quite easily). Now I'm just taking it easy till I get my rental, taking Loretabs when the pain creeps up, and just kinda hanging out.

Moral of the story: Never get in a car crash. It sucks. Fun fact, when I was hit (from behind), I was hit so hard it knocked my right shoe off. Thanks for sticking with me all you guys, I should be back to normal in the next day or so.