Friday, October 15, 2010

A Max Headroom centric update

Phew! I survived another week! Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, I was super busy all freakin' day..and by the time I finally got home at night I was just exhausted. Today's been a day of errands: flu shot, banking, laundry, trips to the big box stores and goings on. Busy! So I'm keeping this update short and sweet, I'm going to take a shower and then I might sit down and watch some of my Max Headroom DVDs. Then time for more errands then back to my little side job with Verizon Wireless tomorrow. Yay for more bucks, boo for always being tired.

And a thought occurs to me: Max Headroom was Matt Frewer in a bunch of latex and other makeup, but it was portrayed as CGI. We actually have the CGI now to do a "real" Max why hasn't someone? They could get Matt Frewer to do the voice and to model the CGI after, and there ya go. With as cyberpunk as the show was (and if ya don't remember, go watch it again. It's sooo cyberpunk, the stuff in the background is as interesting as most other shows) it'd be a bigger hit now than it was back in the 80s. I'd watch it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I don't have much to say this Wednesday (been really busy!), but this is the beginning of something new. I like comics and like a lot of people I really like the Batman comics. I love the idea that Batman's made this surrogate family for him by way of his team..and one of my favorite not-Batman characters is Batgirl. I dunno why, but I've always liked her, the job role the various Batgirls have filled through the years.

A few years ago, an artist posted his idea for a rejected Elseworlds (basically DC's version of What If...?)  comic that had a pretty cool Batgirl design. Within a few days lots of other artists jumped in and posted their version of Batgirl..some traditional, some very unconventional. Being a huge Batgirl dork, I saved a shit-ton of the pictures and now I'll share some with you all from time to time. This is one of my favorite's just so fantastic!

The only thing I didn't really like was the blond looks really good, but I dunno. At the time it just didn't do it for me. But I rectified that with a trip into MSpaint. I also added a little (unrelated) blurb of text at the bottom after I saw it on a post on Fark. That, and a little size-increase, and whammo: my background for a few years. I didn't realize until now that I cut the artist's name off, and I wish I hadn't done that. I also wish I could find the person who did it, as it's just fantastic.

Anyways, I'll share some more Batgirl again in the future!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drive By Update™

Time for another set of Drive By Updates™.

I had pizza last night, as I said yesterday. And it was nummy delicious! I think tonight might be a hamburger night. I do not know what type or variety of hamburger will be consumed, but it will most likely be tasty.

Years ago I had Netflix when it was just by-mail delivery and it was okay. But since Netflix has introduced the streaming broadcast to PCs and game consoles, I might check it out. I just wish that everything was always available for streaming rather than different titles at different times.

I've had satellite service for a very long time. Long before it was called DirecTV, it was called DSS and I was a subscriber. The cable service is laughable where I'm at, so satellite's the only option. I mention it because I'm going to invest in some HD receivers soon, and it's just funny...I still have some of my original receivers, still in use after nearly two decades of service. Yay for quality manufacturing.

I got a ticket the other day for failure to provide proof of insurance. I didn't have my little card in my glove box and while I have the App on my phone from my insurance phone was dead. When I purchased my Droid Incredible, I neglected to get a car charger. I spoke to my attorney about the mater, and I can prolly get it resolved with a quick visit to the court. And prolly a fine. At least my attorney let me consult with him without charging a fee, that was nice.

This week's gonna be ultra busy. Meetings, appointments, work activity, and then my side gig with Verizon Wireless this weekend. But fret not, beloved readers, for I shan't forget you (and I hope you don't forget me!).

Monday, October 11, 2010


As I talked about in an earlier post, I like pizza. Pizza in it's many forms are awesome, and it's great because if you're pie has toppings ya don't can just pick them off. Papa John's, as I said before, is prolly my favorite type of pizza, and I think I might get have some of their tasty pie for dinner tonight. I thought I'd share.

I finished Dead Rising 2 over the weekend, and damn was it awesome. It's always great to kill a bunch of zombies and doing so through co-op is also very awesome. I'm going on round two of the zombie murder spree this weekend, with a run through Left4Dead 1 and 2 on the PC. Since the new DLC is out (heard it's awesome!) and the fantastic comic is out if you didn't know, it's a perfect time to go run through the survivors with some friends and put down the undead zombie menace once again! Perhaps I'll do so while having some of that tasty Papa John's pie I mentioned earlier (not the same pie, obviously).

I think after that War for Cybertron will be played. I'm looking forward to this almost-G1 Transformers experience, and with Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime...shit, how could you go wrong? If only they could bring Chris Latta back from the dead to voice Starscream. Anyways, hope everyone has a good start to the week.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Verizon Wireless stuff went very well yesterday. I am pleased with myself. I also beat Dead Rising 2 on the Xbox 360 with a friend of mine, and that was cool. But the biggest thing is that I've just hit 100 followers! 100+ people enjoy reading these stupid words and that's so awesome. I know some people talk about attorneys and some people talk about mesothelioma and some people talk about cars and some talk about video games and dork stuff like I do. But these are my stupid words that everyone's following, and I dunno. It's neat.

Let us celebrate in such a fashion as the driver of this wonderful automobile. Thanks for the support everyone, it means a lot!