Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well, it's finally happened. I learned something so awful that I've lost all faith in humanity. Like, on a personal level I mean. I just learned that a girl that, for one reason or another, I couldn't get out of my mind, has married (best I can perceive) a redneck. I'm floored. I mean, don't get me wrong..I haven't seen this chick in like, 11 years..but still. It's just surprising for me. I always thought of her as a tier above most chicks, and for her to end up married to some redneck (with an amazingly redneck name. It's alliterative, for christ sakes. Like Ricky Ray. And of course this guy has to look like a troglodyte...I'm no looker or anything by any stretch of the imagination man. I'm actually quite hidious and ugly. But goddamn. This motherfucker is looks like a caveman. But I'm one fugly son-of-a-bitch, so who am I to judge, right?

I dunno, I just feel floored. Again, I haven't laid eyes on this girl for a long time..but for one reason or another I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Like, at different points my thoughts always went back to her for some reason. I didn't even really know her all that well or anyting, I never got the chance to know her or really be her friend or anything..but I had a few interactions with her and I just..well, she always stayed in my mind. There was just something about her that stood out as memorable to me, some quality she posessed that made her memorable to me in a way that most other people did not. I have no idea why.

I dunno, I just kinda hoped that whoever she ended up with..well..wasn't some redneck. I mean, I hope the best for them and hope she's nothing but happy and stuff..but geez, it's just such a let down. I feel...deflated. Let down. Bummed that life would end up being so mediocre to someone who, for some reason I can't fathom but I just feel in the bottoms of my soul, I just *know* deserves better. It's kinda disheartening actually. I feel let down enough by life in general, I surely didn't want something like this to happen.

My head's kinda spinning actually. I feel, I dunno, dazed. Stunned. Yeah, I think stunned is a good word for it. Wow. I mean, my life isn't all that good, who who the hell am I to judge anything. It's clear that there's some good things going on for her, so I should just shut my mouth and be quiet. Whatever weird shit's gone on in my mind is just that, weird shit coming out of my amazingly strange mind. So yeah, it's all on me, I'm the fucked up one, and I'll resume my sad, pathetic existence now.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Starbound is a new indie game coming out in the very near future! It's kinda like Terraria (or so I'm told)..but it's in space! Check some info out at and get excited about the prospect of going foward (in a bold like fashion) to places where no human has been to previously.

They're doing a Kickstarter like preorder thingy at complete with stretch goals. They just hit $1 million and haven't put another stretch goal up yet..but I'm sure one's coming.

This game looks like it's gonna be neat and I'm very excited about it, and you should be too! Get out your Visa or Mastercard or Paypal or Bitcoin or shiny rocks or whatever form of payment you choose to use and buy this thing. Or it'll just be sad. And no one wants to be sad (except emo kids)!

In other news: goodbye, April!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gravity is a Cruel and Harsh Mistress

Well! Today started off as a fairly productive day. I managed to wake up amazingly early, got in a little bit of online time surfing around in the early morning hours. Super early, like, when there's nothing but insurance commercials on TV and the sky's still a pinkish color. Surfed around online for a little bit, got to the post office and shipped some eBay items, went to my office and packaged some additional eBay items and made it back to the post office mere moments before they closed! Ha ha, score one for me! My little car didn't even have to break speeds, man. It was awesome.

The rest of the day was spent in various stages of busy. At one point, I manged to fall on/down some stairs..oof. Man, that hurt. Hips, wrist, hand, lower back, all amazingly sore. It hurts when I shuffle around, and I can only imagine it's gonna be fun trying to take a dump in a little while.

Ah well. I'm siting here trying to decide on what film I wanna watch. I'm really aching, and I can only imagine tomorrow's gonna be even worse. Geez. Ah well, things could be worse I suppose. If it's really bad, well, then I'll take advantage of my employer provided medical insurance and go to the doctor. Which I really don't wanna do. :( Times like this make me wish I had pain killers of some sort.

Speaking of poop, I'm gonna share my proof-of-concept for a Tshirt. In the spirit of the "Beef, it's what's for dinner" shirts comes "Poop: It's what was for dinner"


Friday, April 26, 2013

A Long Day

Ah, the end of another long day. Even though the work week is officially over, there's till no rest for the wicked. A long day of doing some work to the commerical building, handing some eBay matters and generally staying busy. Whew, I'm beat man. I'm currently sitting back, trying to relax before doing whatever the next task ends up being.

I saw that Villyne over at A Clever Blog is doing the A to Z Blogger Challenge. Even though I came back to this a little too late to get in on something like that, I might do something similar starting next month. I have to say that the hardest thing about doing this blog is the content generation, since I have no talent or skill or ability or anything, and I really do ponder long and hard about what stupid words I'm going to put up here. But it's interesting enough, as a creative framework, that I might give it a shot.

I've been working on doing a quick introduction to the Fourth Turning theory..covering the basics of the turnings and some first impressions of what this cycle has brought. It's a theory I've done some serious research and deep thought on, and I do put a lot of stock into it. I'd like to finish up the intro posts, then get into things a bit deeper..and I would put the next update (the Unraveling) tonight..but man, I'm tiiired. I just don't think that's gonna happen.

I'm going to end this with a brief little bit of randomness. I have a nearly three year old HTC Incredible phone. I've rooted it and installed a custom ROM on it, and it's still chugging by pretty nice..but at some point I'm going to need to get a new phone device. I'm happy to have extended the the life out some more..and I would like to have a new phone..but jeez man..with all that's going on I just can't swing a new phone just right yet. I can't justify it as anything other than a luxery, and that's just not cool right now.

And so readers, I leave you with a oldie but a goodie: a break dancing pixel ninja.


Not to be confused with the Pixel Ninja

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Try the Buffet

Allow me to take a break from my previous rants due to not feeling well, and in lieu I post this funny picture.

I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure that says China Cock

Monday, April 22, 2013

They Tuned Out, Shot Up and Fucked Off

"Like, wow man. We're going to single handedly destroy the entire post-war fabric of society. Woah."
The Baby Boomers. The Prophets. The Children of the High. The cause of the problem. If I had an infinite amount of space, I couldn't possible begin to write all there is to tell about this horrible generation. Every facet of this saeculum is defined by this generation and their actions, attitudes, beliefs and actions. It cannot be stressed enough that, in my interperation, that the Boomers are at the very heart of everything that's going on in the United States, much less the world. We are dealing with what we all feared would happen: the final conclusion of the Boomer generation in their finally-obtained positions of power.
They are the Children of the High, because their generation came of age during the High Turning. They knew the very best of what Post War America had to offer, the spoils and the splender. They got to experience the modern "golden age" in ways that no one else could possibly imagine. Not even their parents, due to their experiences during the last Crisis, could fully appreciate just how good the Boomers' childhood was. Not like they could. These over indulged, spoiled, self-centered and amazingly narcissistic children would cary all of these traits and more with them, as they started to come of age during the Awakening.
The Awakening was a period of time starting roughly, in my view, with the death of JFK and continued until roughly the end of the 80s. It was during this period that the boomers came of age as teenagers, then young adults, then actual adults approaching middle age...and just look at what happened. I'll get into this in greater detail later...but for now ponder the greater implications of the just what happened when the spoiled Boomers grew up and began touching the larger world...and how all of that would come back to bite us on the ass in the end.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Strange Symbol of an Era


An interesting picture. Then VP Nixon and family, with Walt Disney at the opening of the Monorail at Disneyland in 1959. The incredulity of that statement is just mindblowing. I can scarely think of any one picture that might define the postwar End-Of-The-High period. In just a few short years, the wonderment that this picture captured would be America left the High and began it's looong trip into the Awakening.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 4/20 Day

Tis the day of celebration and smoking. Everyone feel free to fire up a big fatty bo-batty and go to town. For the smokers, I offer up a funny picture of some Lego men getting high.

                                               The lengths some people are willing to go to in order to get a buzz

Truly these are the best of times. In other news, Starbound has finally started doing pre-orders! The pre-order can be obtained through this link and offering them your hard earned dollars, most likely via Paypal. This game looks to be aces, the developer Chucklefish needs to get some fat bucks so they can make Starbound as awesome as it can be, and it already looks pretty sweet. It has a bit of a Terraria-in-space thing going on (from someone who really enjoyed Terraria, I never played it), mixed in with a sort of Star Trek feeling with a good helping of a Hitchhiker's Guide kind of feel to the lore/universe. And those are definitely not bad things to have mixed together.

Tangent: It's interesting, there seems to be more sci-fi/comedy most other subgenres. There's been some great horror/comedies over the years..and I can't really think of much fantasy/comedy. I guess the fantasy elements don't lend themselves to comedy as easily as the sci-fi elements do. Maybe it's that one has to take fantasy a bit more seriously anyway and it's difficult to have the comedy present and have it not be a detraction.

Anyways, go buy Starbound! Indie games always need support and this one's no different. As for me, I'm waiting to hear back from the Lego men.

Captain's Log, Stardate: 2013.0420

Holy snap, does this thing still exist? I suppose so, I keep getting emails about it. Well that's weird, I thought all this would have faded away by now. It's strange.

I abandoned this, along with most other things, last year after a disasterous chain of events. A series of circumstances which were most unfortunate that left me beyond saddened, beyond depressed. It took a long time and a lot of effort, but I think I've started to pull out and move beyond what all happened. Maybe one day I can get the point where I can talk about it.

But for now, I have this. And I suppose that'll have to do. But hey, it'll all work out. As for now I've been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix lately. I finally got into Doctor Who, which it turns out is a pretty decent show. It's surprising, being as my only memories of it are the original Doctor Who..which, in the 80s, had production values on par with Star Trek in the 60s. was bad. Bad to the point of being unwatchable. But the new show is pretty keen. Christopher Eccleston was very enjoyable, David Tennant was superb, and so far Matt Smith's shaping up to be entertaining.

I've also been watching Outrageous Fortune, a show from New Zealand. It's a highly enjoyable series that despite starting out kinda slow has shapped up to be a very entertaining show. I'm about to finish up the 3rd season now, so I'll have to see how it finishes up. I'll letcha know how it turns out. But beyond that, the only other thing I've been looking forward to is seeing the eventual horrors of the new GI Joe movie that's out. I mean...they basically refilmed the whole damn thing. That's way less than reassuring. It'll be worse than those Transformers movies..and that's saying a lot!

It's been a strange week. From Boston to Texas and back to Boston. The vice keeps turning, tighter and tighter every day. Every day we inch deeper into the Crisis. Maybe some day I'll tell you about that as well.