Monday, April 22, 2013

They Tuned Out, Shot Up and Fucked Off

"Like, wow man. We're going to single handedly destroy the entire post-war fabric of society. Woah."
The Baby Boomers. The Prophets. The Children of the High. The cause of the problem. If I had an infinite amount of space, I couldn't possible begin to write all there is to tell about this horrible generation. Every facet of this saeculum is defined by this generation and their actions, attitudes, beliefs and actions. It cannot be stressed enough that, in my interperation, that the Boomers are at the very heart of everything that's going on in the United States, much less the world. We are dealing with what we all feared would happen: the final conclusion of the Boomer generation in their finally-obtained positions of power.
They are the Children of the High, because their generation came of age during the High Turning. They knew the very best of what Post War America had to offer, the spoils and the splender. They got to experience the modern "golden age" in ways that no one else could possibly imagine. Not even their parents, due to their experiences during the last Crisis, could fully appreciate just how good the Boomers' childhood was. Not like they could. These over indulged, spoiled, self-centered and amazingly narcissistic children would cary all of these traits and more with them, as they started to come of age during the Awakening.
The Awakening was a period of time starting roughly, in my view, with the death of JFK and continued until roughly the end of the 80s. It was during this period that the boomers came of age as teenagers, then young adults, then actual adults approaching middle age...and just look at what happened. I'll get into this in greater detail later...but for now ponder the greater implications of the just what happened when the spoiled Boomers grew up and began touching the larger world...and how all of that would come back to bite us on the ass in the end.

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