Sunday, November 27, 2011

Captain's Log, Stardate: 2011.1127

This is my first log as commanding officer. Starfleet Command has seen fit to recommission the USS My Hidden Blog and assigned her to active duty once more. Her mission remains the same...however the format shall be changed and the original goal shall be reinforced. Or, at least, that's my intention.

Tomorrow starts the official dedication ceremony, but I felt compelled to make this log entry now while the "new ship smell" still hangs in the air. Tomorrow is the return from a crew leave and a return to our relative normal operations...before I find myself back on the bridge, I prefer to bask in the comfort of my quarters.

I hope this proves more fruitful and interesting than past exercises. My overwhelming cynical side says it won't, but I remain optimistic. Perhaps this is the turning over of a new Tarkalean tea leaf. We'll find out soon enough.

=/\= End of Log =/\=

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